Selena Gomez Posts First Instagram of New Dog Winnie

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Selena Gomez popped onto Instagram during these final dog days of summer to introduce her Instagram followers to her new dog Winnie officially. “Wednesdays, a huge bright blue comfy and Winnie. ☀️,” she captioned her candid photo of her and Winnie sleeping on a couch.

This is not Winnie’s first time appearing on Instagram, although it’s the pup’s first time appearing on Gomez’s account. Gomez’s friend Anna Collins shared a shot of Gomez, Winnie, her, and her dog Freddy in June. “Your local dog moms 👍,” Collins captioned the Instagram.

Gomez spoke earlier this year about her decision to be real on Instagram rather than have a fame persona. “I think there came a point in my life where I just started not to care [about my image]….Obviously my situation is different and very weird but when I was younger, I was exposed to all of this [fame],” she told Coach in her interview on its podcast this spring. “It was just all these pictures and all the things and all I would do is look at the flaws.” That kind of attention, “it is hard. And I think that you kind of create this other persona of yourself and then when I started going through real, really difficult things, it [not caring and ultimately being authentic] just allowed me to have worth, to know that I’m worthy and that I am who I am. And who is that? And do I like that person? I think that it’s important for me. I don’t want to be anything that’s a show or a persona. I just don’t.”

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