Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge On Sale for Prime Day


Makeup sponges are like toothbrushes, you need to replace them every three months. Oh, you’ve been holding on to your blenders for over a year now? Thought just washing it weekly was okay? You deserve better. It’s time to stock up on one of the most important tools in your kit—and thanks to Amazon Prime Day you can do it at a discount.

A duo set of Real Techniques’ beloved Miracle Complexion Sponge is less than $7 on Prime—down from its usual $11 price tag. Considering this is something you’ll use every single day, it’s a total steal. I’m tempted to even buy five packs to last me a whole year.

2 Miracle Complexion Sponges Set

Real Techniques

You can fight me on this, but I think that Real Techniques’ orange sponge is the best one on the market. Its unique shape is a selling point: sized bigger than most blenders (even when dry), it has a tapered pointy precision tip for spot coverage, rounded sides for easy blending, and a flat edge for contouring. You can use it to apply liquid foundation. You can use it to bake with setting powder. You can use it to dab on highlighter to your cheekbones. And, if you want more of a dewy sheer finish to your skin you can use it wet.

The latex-free foam itself is really sturdy—you won’t see any pieces of the foam coming off after repeated use, or it lose its shape over time. You really don’t need a ton of product to get full coverage, and since the foam isn’t as porous it won’t absorb all your precious foundation. All in all, the sponge leaves your skin looking like skin—the best possible result.

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