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Picture this: You’re at your favorite coffee shop waiting to order an iced Americano when you see your latest handbag obsession. The unique clasp, the slope of the handle, the metal hardware—all the hyper-distinguishable details you’ve been eyeing on Instagram. And now, the espresso drinker two feet away is flaunting it on her arm. It’s a sign: You need it.

Sound familiar? That’s because there’s a new school of It-bags taking over social feeds everywhere. They’re functional, unique in structure, and have an influencer following you can respect. While the exact brand name can sometimes get lost in the scroll, their signature styles simply can’t be forgotten. Get ahead of the curve and meet the Insta-famous labels you need to know now—all of which you’ll find at Saks Fifth Avenue.

If you can’t seem to get that timeless silhouette and signature belt buckle out of your mind, you’ve been enchanted by BOYY. The New York-based brand, founded by Jesse Dorsey and Wannasiri Kongman, balances opposing ideas of masculine and feminine. This harmony is versatile at the very least, and magically modern.

Some are content to watch ’70s trends come and go, but to you, the decade’s style offers a classic look that can be re-envisioned to complement any modern ensemble. Aside from luxurious fabrics and boho-glam posts saved on your Instagram account, you may find additional style solace from GU_DE. The brainchild of South Korean designer Ji Hye Koo, this brand reinterprets the era’s rich textures into timeless pieces.

For the artful minimalist with a feed full of Scandinavian design (fashion, interior, or otherwise), there’s Little Liffner. Founded by Paulina Liffner von Sydow, this Stockholm-based brand banks on clean lines with playful details. Like a surrealist dream, a luxe leather tote features a slightly angular opening. On another option, an unconventional handle diagonally attaches to opposing sides of a small boxy body. The actual bags may be little but the ideas—and impact—are big.

Structural art meets fashion with Barcelona brand Nita Suri. One scroll through a Montse Freixes-led campaign and you’ll instantly recognize the look. The signature pyramid-style structure, featuring sheepskin and suede lining, is all you need to identify this It-bag. Should you take a closer inspection of the deceptively spacious bag IRL, you’ll find a large, functional drawstring opening and detachable strap. What you put inside is up to you.

From the makers of one of our favorite PVC totes comes an even more unique Insta-famous collection of bags. Staud, an L.A.-based brand founded by Sarah Staudinger and George Augusto, provides all the quality elements of high fashion at a relatively affordable cost. The duo is at it again with their Moon bags, which feature a crescent shape in leather options. For those who prefer sharp, clean lines, a rectangular iteration in a snakeskin print is just as fierce.

To fully appreciate Danse Lente (French for “slow dance”), one must take a beat to relish every thought-out detail (read: stop scrolling through your feed). The time will allow you to grasp the beauty of the asymmetrical flap or twisted hardware on the Phoebe Bis Accordion Leather Bag.

The Geometric Leather Bucket, too, has interesting features that may go unnoticed without thorough examination. The color alone is eye-catching, but the contrast between the silver hardware and adjustable top handle is just plain smart. At a macro level, these are special bags that just don’t look like any other.

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