Everlane Finally Made Mom Jeans and They Are Good


Mom jeans are tough. Do they flatter your butt like a Fashionova fit? Absolutely not. But do they make you feel strangely accomplished and put together? Somehow, yes!

The high-waist, straight-leg, loose-crotch silhouette is my jam, and I’m not afraid to admit it. And now Everlane is getting in the game.


The 90’s Cheeky Straight Jean



Dubbed the ’90s Jean, Everlane’s new silhouette are the are the kind of pants worn by someone who works at a start-up, but also runs a successful side-hustle selling pottery on Etsy; a fashion editor who enthusiastically drinks the Everlane Kool-Aid; an influencer who wears oversized blazers pushed up above their elbows, revealing multiple stick and poke tattoos. They are the French Girl Bangs of denim. Loving the mom jeans isn’t ironic, it’s a lifestyle.

The jeans come in three different colors: bone white, a light wash denim, and a saturated blue. It’s made of a heavyweight fabric that offers no stretch—these are 100% cotton—which is ideal for people who love starchy, thrift store Levi’s.

Like all Everlane denim, the ’90s Jean is manufactured in an eco-friendly and socially conscious factory, so it’s feel go0d fashion at its finest.

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